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Developmental Milestones Article
by Mindy Newhouse


Play 'n' Chat
Fast ForWord
Computer based program based on 30 years of scientific research. It is designed to improve: memory, attention, processing and sequencing. Please call if you are interested in a free presentation.Click here for more information.
Play 'n' Chat is a unique class that offers the opportunity for preschool aged children with speech and language delays to participate in a developmentally appropriate fun playgroup. Parents participate and also have the chance to talk with other parents who "get it". Children do not need to be enrolled in speech therapy in order to join. Led by Mindy Newhouse, Speech Language Pathologist, each class includes developmental play, introduction to circle time, and arts and crafts. Click here for more information.
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We offer many options to support the student who lives in your home - designed for typical learners, students with IEPs and learning disabilities, and for enrichment. Excellent resource for home-schoolers too! For more information, contact the The Learning Spot director, Shawn Simon, MA, who is a Board Certified Educational Therapist - that means she is an expert in helping kids learn! Contact Shawn by phone (805) 777-8182 or email her by clicking here!
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